Who are we

InterResearch is a Danish opinion-research institute based on the new technology of e-surveys.

Today, the survival and growth of a company is becoming more and more dependent on immediate information. At InterResearch all our activities are geared to ensure that our clients can get fast, reliable and 'up-to-date' information about their employees, customers or other interested parties they would like to run a survey on.

Our strength lies in the combination of a broad knowledge about market analyses and surveys, technical know-how concerning EDP and great experience with the Internet. On this foundation we offer our clients the best surveys.


InterResearch is situated within the IT-technical and analytical disciplines. The management consists of two directors: Richard Amdi Madsen, Ole Engele Nielsen.

Board of Directors

The board of directors at InterResarch A/S consists of a range of experienced people within business, all highly professional and competent. The board of directors lays down the overall frames of the activities of the company.

Simon Ortmann Nielsen,
Director at Initiative Universal Media A/S
- Chairman

Dorte Wiene

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