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The software is already a success in Denmark! You can make a similar success in your country. It's a proven concept, we know how to sell it, we need you to do it!

Read here how to become a member of the InterResearch family.

InterResearch wishes to expand in Europe

We are currently seeking to establish local companies in other European countries in order to get closer to our customers and to provide our services in all the major European languages.

Franchising on a reciprocal basis

The way we wish to set up a new branch is based on "sharing knowledge" and "sharing wealth" within the organization.

Our offer

is to give you the necessary training to sell our services in your area - expect to spend one week in Copenhagen - and we will supply you with PDF files for brochures and fact sheets etc. to be translated. You will pay a fixed royalty percentages to the developer of the software when you sell a license or package of the software to your local clients. Your company could normally be a sister InterResearch company.

You commitment

will be to set up a company or to enter our products into your existing service portfolio, translate the web site into your language and keep the site currently updated with changes in the English text. You will systematically and efficiently market and support the software in your area. You will send a monthly report over activities in your area.

The fundamental basis on which we wish to set up an InterResearch organization in a new country is, that we build on a principle that can be described as "reciprocal franchising". This is because we expect our local family member to already have or to develop services that his sister companies can sell, and from which he will receive royalty. We in other words hope that all the sister companies will sell more also of their own products by having access to a larger sales organization.

Further information

InterResearch welcomes any inquiries, questions or comments you might have.
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