At InterResearch we seek to be innovative in our work. We are in a constant process of product developing in cooperation with clients, partners and advisory board.

Below you can find some of our recent clients and see which products they have used. Click on the company logo to visit the company website. software licences:

ISS Institut for Fremtidsforskning Spæncom FTF Finansforbundet Erhvervsfremme Styrelsen speednames Fastbridge Synoptik


Employee satisfaction- and loyalty surveys:

Eksport Kredit Fonden Synoptik ATP UNIK personale Dell Matchwork


Customer satisfaction- and loyalty surveys:

e-trade Nord Data Audio Media ATP Frederiksberg Kommune


Usability surveys:

Maskinmestrenes Forening Indenrigs- og Sundhedsministeriet Netsyn

Internet based market analyses:

fastbridge Aston Promentor

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