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InterResearch has developed a unique type of software which makes it possible to carry out thorough surveys in a new, advantageous way.

You can start already now by going to The program is ready for use. You do not have to download anything or wait for a password - everything is carried out on-line.

Our software development takes place in Denmark, but as everything runs via the Internet, we can design, present and conduct questionnaires throughout the world.

Our software is an ASP system (Application Service Provider) where companies independently and on-line can design and carry out questionnaires. This system makes it fast and easy to conduct a professional survey at very low prices.

You are more than welcome to contact us us for further information.


Our system is based on XML,  Java Servlets and HTML/JavaScript. We apply the object oriented XML data base Tamino from Software AG. All applications and products are carried out as ASP systems - on-line via the Internet.

Database - Tamino is based on a Tamino data base. Tamino is the newest technology from the leading German data base company Software AG. Tamino is a complete XML data base designed for large amounts of data and many transactions.

Programming language - Java is based on the newest Internet technologies. The system consists of Java Servlets where all calculation and data base communication take place on the server. This means that the program speed is fast no matter what computer is used. This is an essential element to ensure that all respondents answer to the survey and you thereby get valid data. 

Data format - XML

The data format is XML. This means that can interface to a range of other data bases and systems.

XML-definition language - TADEQ

As all other professional questionnaire systems, uses a 'definition language'. is based on the open definition TADEQ. Thereby keeps the recommended data format which is used by a range of CAI systems.

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