As a professional opinion-research institute, InterResearch's most important tool is questionnaires. We have in InterResearch specialized in electronic questionnaires, the so-called e-surveys, which are based solely on the Internet as the mode of data retrieval.

The following are our standard survey products:

  • JobSatisfactionSurvey; used for internal analyses of the employee satisfaction, for instance with regard to the working atmosphere, the management strategies etc.
  • UsabilitySurvey; used for analyses of the effectiveness and usability of your home page as well as of the visitors of the home page - who they are (demography) and what opinions they have concerning the home page.
  • EvaluationSurvey; used for analyses of a concrete topic, for instance opinions about e-business, home banking or the like.

All our surveys are designed to run as projects, either as tailored solutions or as standard solutions.

You are more than welcome to contact us for further information.

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